About us



Thanks to its background in the world of French weaving -which dates back to 1928- and because of its location near Saint-Etienne, the cradle of textile industry, Techni-Sangles Ingénierie & Développement developed a valuable know-how in a production that is integrally made in France.
Techni-Sangles also became an expert in Jacquard weaving…

Our design and development department allows us to weave technical fibres and create tailor-made collections for our customers (jacquard webbings can be designed on demande through electronic publishing systems).
Thanks to our high technical abilities, we can weave many types of fibres :
-Polyamid, BAMBOU and LINEN.

Since 2008, LES MÂTINS COQUINS was created, for pet industry. The new brand takes advantage from climbing industry.
It is a brand of high quality, 100% french, with our own patterns.

LES Mâtins Coquins are yet on the american market and japanese market thanks to our 2 distributors and in expansion in U.E.